William Manchee



When I was two
I wished I was five
So I could go to school
That would be so cool

When I was five
I wished I was ten
So I could be home alone
With no chaperone

When I was ten
I wished I was sixteen,
So I could drive a car
And go away far

When I was eighteen I
Wished I was twenty-one
So I could smoke and gamble
And booze would be ample

When I was thirty
I wished I was forty
So I’d seem more seasoned,
Wise and reasoned

When I was forty
I wished I was twenty
But already knowing
My ignorance not showing

When I was fifty
I wished I was thirty
So every hard day
Wouldn’t wear we away

And now that I’m sixty
I’ve given up wishing
It’s time to quit fooling aroun’
And start praying that time will slow down