THE TARIZON SAGA               
Vol 1 * Tarizon Saga * Hardback * ISBN 978-1-935722-96-0 * March 2019

Tarizon’s thirty-one states have been at war for over a hundred years. The cost of these wars has been the loss of millions of soldiers and civilians, the destruction of most of the world’s infrastructure, and a toxic pollution of the air that has made the planet nearly uninhabitable.
Then, miraculously, a young boy named Sandee Brahn and Whisper, a wild beast called a rhutz, come out of the wilderness claiming that the God Pelgrem came to them in a dream and gave them the task of bringing peace to Tarizon. Although many mock Sandee Brahn and Whisper’s claims, thousands flock to his side believing he truly is a holy man and is Tarizon’s last hope. 

Vol 2 * Tarizon Saga * ISBN  978-1929976867 * Trade Paperback * 420 Pages

Tarizon is rocked by a series of super-volcanic eruptions that kill millions and enshroud the planet in a blanket of toxic haze. While most on Tarizon are just struggling for survival, the Purist see this horrific event as an opportunity to seize control of the government, revoke the Supreme Mandate and rid the planet of all inferior life-forms

ISBN 978-1935722823 Trade Paperback * 330 Pages

What looks like a cathedral suddenly begins to emerge from the sands of the Mojave Desert. Scientists believe it is a natural phenomenon but a local religious leader insists it is a sign from the Lord of the Second Coming of Christ.

ISBN 978-1929978-63-8 * Trade Paperback * 360 Pages

When a teenager discovers his father is working on a secret government project with aliens from the planet Tarizon, the project is compromised and Peter Turner must accept exile or be killed

Cactus Island

ISBN 978-1-929976-36-2 * Trade Paperback * 379 Pages

While defending a boy scout on murder charges stemming from a Jeep accident, Stan and his son Peter discover an alien presence on Earth. When the CIA realizes Stan has discovered the top-secret Tarizon Repopulation Project he is enlisted into the program and Peter must accept exile to Tarizon.
Act Normal

ISBN 978-1-929976-40-9 * Trade Paperback * 365 Pages

Stan Turner’s first assignment after he is recruited by the CIA to help with the Tarizon Repopulation project is to defend a woman accused of murdering her children and alien husband. Stan must not only prove his client innocent but also make sure nobody finds out that the government is allowing aliens to live and propagate on Earth. 
Civil War

ISBN 978-1-929976-90-4 * Trade Paperback * 313 Pages

Leek Lanzia is given command of the 3rd Loyalist Army and quickly gains the support of the people against the tyrant Videl Lai. 
Conquest Earth

ISBN 978-1-929976-89-8 * Trade Paperback * 376 Pages

Videl Lai is dead and Tarizon’s cataclysmic civil war is over, or so most people think until Tarizon’s Intergalactic Fleet refuses to surrender and its commanders express their intent to use the formidable fleet to conquer Earth.

Tarizon is a medium terrestrial planet (5870 km radius) which orbits its star in 238 Earth days, one day on Tarizon lasts 27 Earth hours. Its average temperature is 303 K (30 C), its atmosphere mainly consists of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and it has 2 moons, the largest being called Clarion. In the Tarizon Saga, it is a sister planet having been settled by travelers from the mother planet, Pharidon. More