ISBN 978-1-935722-96-0 * March 2019

Thousands of years ago a group of explorers was sent out from the planet Pharidon to find new habitats for their exploding population. After years of searching without success, the explorers split up with one finally discovering Earth and the other Tarizon.

The Pharidon explorers thrived on Tarizon but as their population grew and spread out over the globe, nations were formed each claiming sovereignty over its populace. Eventually, national pride, greed, and envy led to a hundred cycle global nuclear war. 

The cost of these wars has been the loss of millions of soldiers and civilians, the destruction of most of the world’s infrastructure, and a toxic pollution of the air that has made the planet nearly uninhabitable.


Believing Tarizon’s fate was sealed, the twenty most wealthy and powerful men on Tarizon, known as the Group of Twenty, make plans to evacuate with their friends and families to Tarizon’s sister planet Earth. Others board ships and go into orbital hibernation hoping someday the planet’s environment will recover allowing them to return to the surface. But for most, there is no escape and they face the harsh reality that they will all soon be facing a slow and painful death from either disease, starvation or asphyxiation.


Then, miraculously, a young boy named Sandee Brahn and Whisper, a wild beast called a rhutz, come out of the wilderness claiming that the God Pelgrem came to them in a dream and gave them the task of bringing peace to Tarizon. Although many mock Sandee Brahn and Whisper’s claims, thousands flock to his side believing he truly is a holy man and is Tarizon’s last hope.