Tarizon: Earth's Sister Planet.
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Tarizon’s thirty-one states have been at war for over a hundred years. The cost of these wars has been the loss of millions of soldiers and civilians, the destruction of most of the world’s infrastructure, and a toxic pollution of the air that has made the planet nearly uninhabitable.

Then, miraculously, a young boy named Sandee Brahn and Whisper, a wild beast called a rhutz, come out of the wilderness claiming that the God Pelgrem came to them in a dream and gave them the task of bringing peace to Tarizon. Although many mock Sandee Brahn and Whisper’s claims, thousands flock to his side believing he truly is a holy man and is Tarizon’s last hope.




Review of Tarizon: Supreme Mandate

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Tarizon: Supreme Mandate" by William Manchee.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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William Manchee's Tarizon: Supreme Mandate is science fiction about a young boy on the fictional planet Tarizon. At his adolescent age, Sandee receives an epiphany that he has to bring peace to his planet. This is ruined by constant wars dating back 100 years. The world is habitable, but projections indicate dire outcomes for the future. Sandee Brahn, along with a pack of rhutz, strives to achieve success to make his dream and the dream of Pelgrem happen. Will Sandee’s plan be a success before the future of Tarizon's civilians is doomed?

I enjoyed reading this book. The chapters are short and focus on the context they begin with until the end. This gave me the impression that the book was fast-paced, with more thrilling moments and action. The first incident between Sarna and Markis on earth caught me off guard. Such a technique made me keep turning page after page. Chapter titles are captivating as they convey the setting of the chapter. I anticipated some chapters with excitement. "Inspection, Vaceen, Tributon, 9 BU" got my attention. I wondered, "Who will be inspected?" Will they be caught?"

Furthermore, the characters are distinct and well developed. As a result, one can visualize the events of the story. This is revealed by political talks, which use jargon typical of real politics. The opposition, with independent candidates conducting negotiations in secrecy, cruel politicians portraying decency in public, and many other acts pertaining to politics and democracy. The book is also thought-provoking, with examples of incredible technology that could change human lives. How could I forget the author's creativity? It incorporates its dialect, which is taught in a fascinating way throughout the book.

In conclusion, I rate the book 5 out of 5 stars. It is flawlessly edited, and I encountered no grammar mistakes. Although not based on the earth, it advocates for freedom of speech and democracy and raises awareness about how profiteers stir up wars and sit back and enjoy the fruits of their seeds. There was nothing to dislike about the book, and its ending is satisfying. I recommend it to fiction and political fans. Fans of C/T/H/M will also enjoy this book.