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An American in Trinidad who witnesses an assassination attempt on Trinidad-Tobago’s Prime Minister becomes critical to the survival of the government, and the target of the opposition's assassin.


A high school student, Kevin Wells, is confronted with the eminent assassination of a foreign diplomat. In an attempt  to save the life of Trinidad-Tobago’s Prime Minister, Ahmad Shah, Kevin is shot and nearly dies. By the time Kevin regains consciousness 10 days later, he has become a national hero and his life has changed forever.


Before he is shot he meets Kiran Shah, the Prime Minister’s daughter, and they hit if off and become friends. Kevin is overwhelmed by Kiran’s beauty and thinks she might be his soul mate.. Unfortunately when she returns to Trinidad-Tobago, Kevin fears he will never see her again.


Much to his shock and delight, Kevin is summoned to Trinidad-Tobago by the Prime Minister to testify against his alleged assassin. Kevin is delighted since this will allow him to see Kiran again. What Kevin doesn’t know is that the Prime Minister’s enemies plan to kill him.


Dear Mr. Manchee


I have just finished reading your book . . . . It was very interesting to me. Once I got started I could not put it down. Everything seemed so real and therefore kept my interest as I read.

In reading the book, I could not keep from wondering just how you became so knowledgeable about Trinidad. The towns, beaches, bays, and forest were so interesting. Perhaps you were stationed in Trinidad at some time. It would be to my interest to know your knowledge of the area.

I was stationed in Trinidad many years ago, and therefore I recognized the name and places that you mentioned in the book. I went to parties at the Governor's Palace, swam on the beaches, and visited the Botanical Gardens.

I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed the book. I have signed your register.

Yours Truly,

Forrest W. Tippen, Sr.



Dear Mr. Tippen. Thanks for your letter. I went to Trinidad with my son who was playing in a golf tournament. Fortunately, my cab driver was active in politics and gave me a crash course on the government and took me to a political rally. I found the country so interesting I had to use it as the setting for a novel. Unfortunately, I could only spend three days there, so each day I bought the Daily Express, the Trinidad newspaper, and read it cover to cover including even the classified ads. You'd be surprised how much information is in a daily newspaper if you really study it. Since it was a novel, whatever I didn't know I simply made up. It was a fun book to write. Glad you enjoyed it. William Manchee