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October 2003

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When the ruthless chairman of Houston's Midsouth Bank has Matt Coleman's new bride killed, Matt sets out to destroy the banker and his financial empire. A financial thriller that exposes a ruthless conspiracy against all Americans. The truth about credit cards is revealed in a unique and entertaining way.  This novel should be required reading for every teenager in high school.


Nearly thirty years after Rich Coleman and Erica Fox narrowly survive their chilling death pact they are still together and thriving.


Rich Coleman's son Matt has just passed the bar exams and is anxious to make his fortune practicing law. Unfortunately his plans to be a PI attorney have been soured by tort reform. Matt's new bride Lynn is a marketing major and, with the help of her college professor, comes up with a brilliant marketing plan - convince people that the credit card companies are manipulating them into a permanent state of financial slavery. Since their financial distress is a result of these practices there is no shame involved in filing a bankruptcy to get out of their grip and become a free person again.


As a result of this plan business booms and bankruptcy filings climb. Of course several banks that are involved in predatory credit card practices are severely hurt. The problem is that these are very powerful people and they do not want his success to continue, nor do they want other lawyers copying his success in other parts of the country. One particular banker, Frank Hill of Midsouth Bank, is particularly disturbed by the serious financial losses his bank is suffering as a result of all these new bankruptcies. To save his bank from these crippling losses he orders some very drastic and ruthless measures to stop Matt and Lynn and to destroy their Debt Relief Centers of Texas.


Hill's actions turn out to be quite effective and the Debt Relief Centers of Texas are put out of business. But as Matt reels from the devastation inflicted upon him, he concocts a plan to, not only destroy Frank Hill and Midsouth Bank, but to expose the credit card conspiracy in a way that will force Congress to do something about it. Love, greed and revenge fuel this raging thriller about the evil spawned by the Plastic Gods we love and cherish.

What the critics are saying about Plastic Gods...

" of the most exciting fiction novels of the year." Harold McFarlen Amazon Top 50 Reviewer


",,,Non-stop plotting action makes. Plastic Gods; a book you can't put down. Denise Clark, Denise's Pieces Reviews"

"...this stunning work as writer Manchee offers the reader a peek into a side of banking and credit most of us never realized might exist. Molly Martin Review" 

"...Action aficionados will not be disappointed, and although the book is a work of fiction, its theme is tantalizing." Robert P. Goldman, Best Reviews

"... I started reading the book thinking it would be the same old story about greed and corruption. But it’s not. Manchee takes it to another level. ... Is it fact or fiction?" Cindy Daniel, Author of the Death Warmed Over Series.

"Plastic Gods is ... interesting & important! ... It is a lively story for anyone struggling with thousands of dollars of debt; for anyone facing a lifetime of interest payments; for anyone living beyond their means & realizing what the great American Dream is costing them. It is also a dangerous book, so be warned, it has something subversive to say that will touch just about everyone with a bank account. Good stuff! Rebecca's Reads Reviews "

...Manchee is a genius at taking a page from our daily lives and turning it into a high-speed thriller, with characters that we definitely want to see again, and a well-developed plotline that is right out of today's newspapers." Beverly Rowe, Reviews