Originally Titled as "Twice Tempted"

Trade Paperback * ISBN 1929976747

Also in Audio MP3

William Manchee's first book, inspired by actual events, was once optioned to be made into a feature film.
    A college student is framed for a huge bank robbery and ends up on trial for murder when a bank official is found dead in the vault. UCLA student Fred Fuller is pleased with his new part time job as a messenger for Bank USA. The job pays well, the hours are perfect, and many of the bank tellers he works with are young and pretty. When one of the tellers takes a special interest in Fred he struggles to remain faithful to his college girlfriend, Maria. But this temptation is nothing compared to the dilemma he faces when he discovers a bag full of the bank's money in his company vehicle and realizes he’s been set up to take the fall for a six million dollar bank heist.
    Fred has political ambitions and has worked as a congressional intern in the past. When he is charged with the murder of the bank’s cashier he uses his political connections to obtain legal counsel. His attorney is top notch, an ex-DA who's gone into private practice, but he's expensive and Fred must rely on Maria's fund raising efforts to fund his defense.
   The case against Fred looks pretty hopeless when Fred's fingerprints are found inside the vault and a witness claims he heard Fred planning to flee the country. Fred's only hope is if his two best friends, Steve and Randy, can track down the real killer and get him to confess to the crime. Unfortunately, nobody knows where Sam Stewart has disappeared and the FBI has given up trying to find him.