William Manchee


The Bookkeeper

Sally Ann, that was her name
Pretty and bright, she knew the game
Bookkeeping, typing—she did it all
She lifted our load so we could stand tall

Happy, relieved we’d found what we sought
We left her alone, scarcely gave her a thought
She came early each day, left late at night
A hard worker she was, what a delight!

A year went by then cash got so tight
We shuddered to think of our horrible plight
Plenty of business, we all worked hard
Then it hit us, we’d let down our guard

Money is missing, where did it go?
We asked Sally Ann, she said, “I don’t know.”
Shocked and dismayed at this twist of fate
We poured over the books until very late

Then we saw it, the game she had played
Anger swept o’er us, we had been betrayed
We called our attorney, the sheriff and DA
She couldn’t get away with it, she had to pay

But alas, she was smart and vanished that night
Gone far, far away by dawns early light
So we rolled up our sleeves, tightened our belts
And tried hard to forget the blow she had dealt.