William Manchee


The Banker


If you borrow money
You should be aware
Of the truth about some bankers
Lest you fall into their snare


Interest is their magic wand
That brings them mighty riches
Keep a careful eye on it
Or you'll lose your frickin' britches


Stacks and stacks of papers
They'll thrust into your face
Hoping you won't read them
Cause the loan's a damn disgrace


They'll want your guarantee
Your aunt's and uncle's too
And a pledge of all your assets
I guess, that'll have to do


They'll treat you like a king at first
Smile, pat you on the back
Until something goes awry
Or falls into a crack


Then they'll call you twice a day
To find out what's gone wrong
Gotta have that payment soon
Can't wait, it's been too long


If you ask them for more time
They'll frown and say "no way."
Gotta get the payment now
Can't wait another day


As they haul your assets off
You'll scream and yell in vain
Now that you've got nothin'
You can barely stand the pain


So, now the truth I've told you
Keep a sharp and wary eye
'Cause the thing about your banker
He's slick and very sly