William Manchee



Did you know there’s a pot of gold

At the end of every rainbow?

That’s what my momma said

Every night before I went to bed

And I believed her, I did

Every word she said

Cause my momma wouldn’t lie

About those pretty colors in the sky

How did God think of making

Such a totally awesome sight

Yellow, red, blue and green

And all those shades in between

When I was older and got a bike

I’d ride like crazy toward the lights

Straight toward that rainbow

My head way down low

I’d find that pot of gold someday

Yes I would, I surely would

It was my destiny to be

A rich boy, don’t you see?

But every time I’d get real close
To a rainbow’s elusive end

It would quickly shift or veer

Or simply disappear

Then on my way home one day
The sky turned grey then black

Thunder clapped and rain came down

I thought I’d surely drown

Riding for my life, I happened to look up
To see the radiant sun peak out

Suddenly there I was all lit up, aglow

Smack dab at the end of the rainbow

I looked around quite amazed

One arm was red, the other green

The rest of me a royal blue

Man of man, could this be true?

I looked around expectantly

Where’s my pot of gold?

To my left, then to my right

Nothing there but colored light

For days and weeks I mourned

The loss of hopes and dreams

My Momma asked me why so sad?

Because you lied, and now I’m mad

She smiled and said she hadn’t lied

God works in mysterious ways

When she was done, I understood

The Lord was wise and good

He put me out there in that storm

Then beamed his glorious light

So my eyes would open wide and see

The pot of gold was there, it was me