William Manchee



They came from everywhere

Over here and over there

The mail, the phone the mall

Unsolicited, one and all

Get them one, two or ten

Don’t wait—pick up the pen

It’s a simply wonderful game

All you do is sign your name

Now jump for joy, and yell, hooray!

Cause baby they’re on their way

Dillards, Penneys to name a few

Visa, Mastercard and Amex Blue

You can live the American dream

Stand up now and let out a scream

Buy it now, no money down

You’ve got credit all over town


Sit back and watch your dreams come true

Don’t worry only pennies due

For Moses it was manna provided by the Lord

No need to sit around the house so bored

Now its silver, gold and platinum too

Macy’s, Sears to name just two

Cars, clothes, a ten day cruise

Gambling, clubs and lots of booze


You’ve got it all and then some more

Until the bills flood in the door

It cannot be, I didn’t spend that much

Just a few odds and ends and such

Eighteen, Twenty, Twenty-four

Interest, interest, bills galore

Oh my God, it’s all a scam

To steal my life, I’m in a jam


Collectors call day and night,

My balances are out of sight

I can’t sleep or think

Go to work, eat or drink


My lover scorns me, yells and screams

God, what happened to my dreams?

Letters come demanding blood,

Tears from my face do flood

My lover’s gone, couldn’t take the heat

I’m hear alone, tired and beat

Is all that’s left bankruptcy?

What was my sin? Idolatry

I see it now, clear as glass

I fell in love with cold, hard cash

Visa, Mastercard, Amex Blue

Lucifer got his due