William Manchee





You're a wise young man from far away,

Most certainly the USA,

You love your country with all your soul,

You live in Phoenix and you like to bowl.


With bright blue eyes, a pretty smile,

Ladies, yes, they do beguile,

Love abounds you as we speak,

now's not the time to be meek.


If innocence is the lure,

Are you sure that she is pure?

The road ahead is fraught with peril,

It all began with a long black barrel.


As you pray to the Lord above,

You should look for peace and love,

By your side your lover lies,

Yet you fail to hear her cries.


Now, if you liked this Calypso song,

Then it certainly would not be wrong,

To do something not so rash,

Like leaving this poor soul, a little cash!