It was a cool winter day, the sky was grey
Yet our hearts were basking in bright sunshine
As you bellowed the triumphant cry of birth
Although you were so very small and couldn't yet see
You must have felt the excitement in our voices

Our lucky numbers are 10, 21, 5 and 3
Ten and twenty-one, the hour and the minute
That you came into our universe, our galaxy, our world
Three and five, the month and the day of your birth
And the day you became the joy of our lives

Although your journey home was twice delayed,
Your calm and steady spirit remained undaunted
And as we watched you struggle to gain strength
We knew you'd soon be home and all would be well
For you were blessed by God, of that we had no doubt

Blessed to be born of such wise and loving parents
To be surrounded by family and friends who loved you
To live in America where you'd always be safe and free
To be a Texan where your hopes and dreams would flourish
And always to be protected and blessed by God, forever