William Manchee



In the morning when I’m stiff and groggy

And my body struggles with the new day

There’s nothing better than a hot shower

To wash the haze and laziness away

Hot steam rising, floating, drifting

Dreams fleeing, dying, clearing

Beads of water soaking, stroking, pounding

Tensions melting, calming, easing

Eyes closed, I relish every drop of steamy fluid

Water flowing, dripping, drowning my skin

Feelings of freedom, exhilaration and utter delight

And all this pleasure without an ounce of sin


I linger, wishing these feelings to last forever

Mind wandering to memories of friendly faces

Across mountains, through valleys and across the seas

Soap sliding, gliding, caressing all the right places

Ideas conceived, problems solved, plots developed

So many dreams, hopes and ambitions raised

And nurtured in this tiny room of liquid enchantment

Another simple joy, the Lord be praised!


Eyes open, water off, I stand a new man, refreshed

Gone regrets, sad memories, ill will, guilt and remorse

All safely tucked far in the recesses of my subconscious

I step into the new day, a strong and vigorous force