William Manchee




Most children complete school at age twelve. Many cycles ago a teaching method called rapid absorption was discovered. Scientists found that with the use of certain mind relaxing drugs and audio visual stimulation, knowledge and information could be injected into the mind at a dramatically faster rate than using conventional teaching skills. This was a tremendous discovery which has made it much easier and less expensive to educate the workforce. It's also been a boon to commerce too, as labor is now more abundant and cheaper than it's ever been.


A drug called parazene is injected. Then they sit you in front of a VC monitor with some electrodes attached to key points on the body. It's painless and the information is absorbed by the mind quickly and painlessly.


After each instructional session the students all meet in small groups with one teacher. Its common for the mind of a student to ache from the incredible stimulation it had been receiving. It isnít exactly a headache, but more like extreme fatigue.