William Manchee


Death Pact


Do you love me?
You say you do
But there can be no doubt
If I'm to die for you.

I must be sure, absolutely
You must be tested
Life is too precious to waste
On but a shallow infatuation.

If we cannot live together
We should not live at all.
It's cruel, but it is our fate.
This is your test

For I cannot will your death
Because I do love you
But you must prove to me
Your absolute love and devotion.

Remember that fateful day we met
You looked up and smiled at me
For a moment, I forgot how to breathe
You must have felt it too as you
Blushed, then quickly looked away.

Our love was forbidden,
Unthinkable–a felony.
Yet we were mere mortals
Without the strength or the will
To resist our tragic destiny.

Those first few months before
Our secret life was revealed
I felt only joy and happiness
A perfect life ahead
Until that fateful day.

Such a cruel and hateful woman.
The world is now a better place
But soon it will be without us too
Was it you or I, or both?

The DA doesn't know
Nor does he care as long
As he has a neck for his noose
Will you pass the test?

Cyanide–death be quick.
If you truly love me
You won't even flinch
Will you pass the test?

If you do, I will confess
But if you fail, I'll run
Leaving you to swing

By your neck.