William Manchee


Daughter in Law

As we watched our young son grow
The nagging question we yearned to know
Was who he’d have with him at his side
His companion in life until he died

We’d heard so many dreadful tales
Of marriage that quickly failed
Divorces, annulments and other blights
We endured many sleepless nights

When our boy went out on dates
We’d wonder, is this the one to be his mate?
As time went on, the girls came and went
But none of them, for him, were meant

Alas, when we’d almost lost all hope
Of seeing our son tie the rope
He told us proudly he’d found the one
A beautiful girl and so much fun

And when we met her, such a delight
We were filled with joy at first sight
Our darkest fears finally laid to rest
Our son had ended his long quest

So now we thank the Lord above
For bringing us a new daughter to love
And blessing our son with a devoted wife
To walk with him the rest of his life