William Manchee


Cold White Snake

What happened to you, Joe?

My client, my friend, my bro

You disappeared, no word at all

Until that night, the chilling call


They're out there everywhere you go?

Who's out there? Who is it, Joe?

Why did you hang up the phone?

A lousy lawyer did I hear you moan?


How could I help you if you didn't confide?

They= re out there, everywhere, so you must hide.

Is it the police, the FBI, the Mob?

Who= s after you? What dirty slob?

They= re in the trees? What the hell?

They've got guns pointed at you? Are you well?

What did you do? Tell me true.

Sue them? Sue who? Do you have a clue?

Your ex, the CIA, some lame PI?.

Who= s on your case? Don't be shy.

Your girlfriend? She's moving out?

Oh, Joe. So sad, without a doubt.

You can' t take it anymore?

No, Joe. Let her go, then close the door.

They' re behind it? Out to ruin you?

Who is it, Joe? That guy named Lou?

It was on the news, all across the land

Why= d you do it? I don't understand.

Killing the one you love, how cruel.

She had a right to leave, that's the rule

And her friend? What did she ever do?

They drove you to it? Who, damn it! Who?

Now you're on your way to Hell.

Three dead, a pungent smell

The wake was chilling, a lonely day

The preacher had nothing good to say

You were possessed? It wasn't really you?

They made you do it? Tell me who

Your kids were there, mama too

They cried all night t'll they were blue

They say you were a victim, it's true

Of cocaine, such a deadly brew

White death, it clouds you mind

Steals your will and leaves you blind

A lousy lawyer, perhaps you're right.

Didn't know what court to take your fight

So now I' m sad, depressed, can't sleep

Must face your widow, we' ll both weep

So many empty lives left in your wake

The victims of the cold white snake