William Manchee


Be Free

America, land of the free.
But is that true for you and me?
Got to work to survive
In by nine, out by five

Can’t be late, punch the clock
Work all day, shelves to stock
Shuffle paper here and there
Fold it, file it, mail it everywhere

Do this, do that. What’d you say?
Overtime? We have to stay?
Work, work, work, day and night
Got bills to pay, oh that’s right.

Tired of working, hate our plight?
Let's start a business, yes, that’s right?
Be independent, on our own
Not a greedy corporate drone

Come and go as we wish
Take a hike, catch some fish
No one cares, we’re the boss
Lose a buck? That’s our loss

Now we’re free, free at last
Self-employed, what a blast
America, land of the free
At least tha
t’s so, for you and me