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In You Can Save Your Small Business, William Manchee shares his insights acquired over the past forty+ years representing hundreds of small business owners in a myriad of situations. Learn valuable lessons through dozens of stories inspired by actual cases from the past.
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Four out of five readers who rate and review William Manchee's books on Amazon give them 4 or 5 stars.

The cumulative rating for all of Manchee's books on KOB0 is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Since his literary career started in 1995, Manchee has done over 500 book signings and traveled to all 48 of the U.S. continental states.

On August 27, 2012, Manchee's novel, Unconscionable appeared on the cover of the Library Journal.

Manchee's novels have been reviewed by Publisher's Weekly, The Library Journal, Foreward Magazine, and many other well-known and respected reviewers.
Critical Acclaim

...Manchee writes an intelligent, suspenseful, complex, and highly readable tale, which confirms him as a wordsmith of the first order. Cliff Hunter, Crescent Blues

Manchee is a master at setting a mood, laying the atmosphere, and pulling you into the lives of these truly believable and sometimes quirky characters. He combines politics at its worst and a tender love story between Kevin and Deviane Shah, the daughter of the Prime Minister.
Brandice J. O'Brien, MyShelf.Com
Manchee is a master at setting a mood, laying the atmosphere, and pulling you into the lives of these truly believable and sometimes quirky characters. Brandice J. O'Brien, MyShelf.Com

William Manchee could be Dallas' answer to John Grisham. Manchee, an author who has maintained a private law firm in Dallas since 1975, recently published Brash Endeavor, a page-turning tale of a small-time lawyer in over his head with some big-time clients. --- The Dallas Observer, Fall 1998

"Settle down to a good mystery from an excellent writer. I became a fan of William Manchee with his novel Plastic Gods... With a multitude of well-crafted sub-plots and a writing style that keeps the reader glued to the book, William Manchee has really crafted a masterpiece of mystery...." Harold McFarland

Continuing the space adventures of the son of his top rate detective Stan Turner (see Disillusioned and Act Normal), William Manchee provides a strong Tarizon science fiction military thriller (see Liberator and Civil War) as the war goes off-planet. Fast-paced and loaded with action, fans will appreciate Conquest Earth as Cystrom takes up the mantle of his late dad... Harriet Klausner Genre Go Round Reviews

Most Recent Stan Turner Mystery
Most Recent 
Stan Turner Mystery

Deadly Blood, A Stan Turner Mystery
 Paperback * Hardback * 408 pages * eBook 

Stan is dragged into a nasty divorce fight as the court appointed attorney ad-litem for Melody Monroe, an adopted child who has been abused by her new father. When Frank Monroe is found dead, Stan's simple ad-litem appointment turns into a high-stakes murder defense.

Most Recent Rich Coleman Novel
Most Recent
Rich Coleman Novel

During the infamous 2008-2010 mortgage crisis, a greedy mortgage lender will do anything to make millions, even if it destroys the lives of thousands of consumers, and helps put the American economy into a tailspin.

Most Recent of the Tarizon Saga
The Last in the Tarizon Saga

What looks like a cathedral suddenly begins to emerge from the sands of the Mojave Desert. Scientists believe it is a natural phenomenon but a local religious leader insists it is a sign from the Lord of the Second Coming of Christ.
How it all began.

Bill's college days at UCLA provided the inspiration for his first novel, originally called Twice Tempted. He changed the name when he discovered the title had been used by other authors after Twice Tempted came out. Yes, he did walk into a bank and found the vault left open, not once, but twice!

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