William Manchee


A Fireman Died Tonight

By William Manchee

I heard it on the news
And sadness filled my heart
Dallas’ first in fifteen years
A fireman died tonight

His Station 26 was manned
So to 33 they sent this devoted man
The victim of a vicious twist of fate
A Fireman died tonight

Three alarms, then four and five
Fire raged and wanted more
Fire trucks and men at war
A fireman died tonight

Lined up before a wall
They heard a deafening crack
And, in horror, saw the wall collapse
A fireman died tonight

A widow and five children mourn
Their husband and father lost
And wonder why the Lord chose this day
A fireman died tonight

Vincent Davis, a Dallas fireman died Monday, February 11, 2002 fighting a fire at the Creekside Apartments