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A college student working part time as a bank messinger is framed for a huge bank robbery.  When a Bank employee is found dead in the vault, Fred Fuller finds himself on trial for murder and must depend on his girlfriend and two high school buddies to prove him innocent..


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as well as Stan Turner and his son, Peter, aka Leek Lanzia,The Liberator of the Planet Tarizon. 

Manchee is known for his cross genre writing. His two main series are the Stan Turner Mysteries and the Tarizon Saga.  They are completely different series written in different genres but they intersect from time to time in very dramatic ways. Many mystery lovers who normally wouldn't touch a sci fi novel have found the Tarizon Trilogy quiet compelling.


Stan Turner is a Dallas attorney who has a propensity for taking on impossible cases and getting in over his head. Being inspired by actual cases from Manchee's past, the stories come alive and you'll feel like your right in Stan's shoes arguing to the judge or glaring at a prosecutor.  And you'll love Stan's partner, Paula Waters, who'll take on any case and do whatever it takes to win. 



Rich’s son Ryan finally graduates from law school and is anxious to start practicing law. While in law school he meets and falls in love with Amanda, Sherman, a classmate who doesn’t want to practice law but has her sights set on becoming a literary agent. When Ryan hears of this he remembers that his father has written a true crime book about the murder of Martha Collins, his mother's aunt. He tells Amanda about the book and she is ecstatic with the prospect of it being her first placement. Unfortunately, she soon discovers Rich and his wife, Erica, don't want the book published but won't say why. She suspects it is because it contains some incriminating evidence against one or both of them.


While Amanda schemes to get Rich’s book published, Matt Coleman petitions the court to overturn his conviction for bankruptcy fraud, now that everybody knows he was set up for the crime. Besides clearing his name he wants to get his law license back. Rich tries to help him as he wants Matt to begin a crusade against predatory mortgage lenders who he believes are pillaging consumers all across the nation. The need to get Matt reinstated becomes more urgent when a client comes in with a great case for the firm to prosecute and Rich lines up a mole in Reliable Mortgage Servicing, the loan servicing company involved, and wants to help bring them down.


Matt, still grieving his first wife Lynn's murder two years earlier, finally strikes up a relationship with the owner of an escort service named Candy. The relationship starts off slow but eventually blossoms into a full blown love affair. But just when he thinks he is finally getting his life back on track, Candy is kidnaped and Matt fears she's going to suffer the same fate as Lynn.


When Stan's son Peter discovers his father is working with the CIA on a top secret project involing aliens, the project is compromised and Peter must accept exile to Tarizon or be killed. When he arrives on Tarizon, Peter discovers his arrival has been highly anticpated as a Prophecy has foretold of an Earthchild coming to help rid Tarizon of an evil tyrant.

In this prequel to the Tarizon Trilogy the lives of three important leaders are chronicled, Rupra Bruda as the father of the Purist Party, Ramel Garcia as the champion of the Supreme Mandate, and Threebeard, the leader of the millions of mutants living outside the domed cities of Tarizon. Interwoven in the story of these influential leaders is the rise of the rhutz, Nanomites and Seafolken as sentient life-forms on Tarizon and the clash between the Purist, who want to enslave them all, and the Loyalist, who believe they are protected by the Supreme Mandate.


While all this is happening Tarizon is rocked by a series of super-volcanic eruptions that kill millions and enshroud the planet in a blanket of toxic haze. While most on Tarizon are just struggling for survival, the Purist see this horrific event as an opportunity to seize control of the government, revoke the Supreme Mandate and rid the planet of all inferior life-forms. As the volcanoes finally fall silent and the population begins to dig itself out of thick layer of volcanic ash that covered everything on Tarizon, they enlist the help of the Nanomites to begin rebuilding thousands of structures that have collapsed as a result of nearly two thousand tremors associated with the volcanic eruptions. Unfortunately, the intentional fumigation of thousands of swarms of Nanomites and Central Authorities unwillingness to appropriately punish the human responsible, sets off an unconventional war between the humans and nanomites that throws the planet back into chaos.


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